Who we are

Who are you? –said the Caterpillar…
…I hardly know, sir, just at present, at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then.

Alice in Beautyland was created based on a vision of a natural range of cosmetics for every woman who dares to discover the originality of her own beauty. Because every woman is unique, and her beauty is too.

Eva and Aroa are two sisters, modern Alices who want Beautyland to be a place where beauty is not defined by stereotypes, but where it is as varied and diverse as the women who live there.

Ever since they were small, their parents had taught them to respect nature, and their mother taught them the secrets of professional cosmetics. Fate handed both of the sisters sensitive, reactive skin, and because they had trouble finding suitable products, they decided to create their own brand of cosmetics.

Thus was Alice in Beautyland born, with the aim of creating innovative, natural products that also invite women to discover a new way of thinking about beauty, far from today’s stereotypical perfection.

They were inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice, the curious, self-assured and independent girl, so far removed from the perfect fairy tale princesses who sit around waiting to be rescued. Authentic and non-conformist, Alice interprets the world from her own point of view, and lives life as a grand adventure, always looking for new perspectives.

Alice in Beautyland presents a new way of thinking about cosmetics, where the product’s formula is just as important as every woman’s confidence in herself. In this way, the daily beauty routine is transformed into a unique moment when women can feel good about themselves and comfortable in their own skin. Because every woman is naturally beautiful.

The golden key which opens the door to Beautyland has always been there, and Alice has come back to find it once again.

Eva Raya and Aroa Raya